Fabiano Salek is a singer, percussionist, drummer, arranger, composer, and teacher. He holds a masters degree in Musical Practice Teaching and a bachelor’s degree in Music Education, both from the University of Rio de Janeiro. He complemented his studies by working with Pascoal Meirelles, Oscar Bolão, Guilherme Gonçalves, Robertinho Silva, Leo Lebons, Carlos Negreiros, Fábio Luna, Ovídio Brito, and Márcio Bahia.
Fabiano is the son of musicians Marcos Leite and Eliane Salek, with whom he started his musical career. He is a founding member of the group Sururu na Roda; an ex-member of the vocal group Garganta Profunda, which was founded and directed by his father; and an ex-member of the vocal sextet BR6. Currently, he’s a member in the new lineup of the vocal septet Ordinarius.
With participation credits in over 50 records, Fabiano has performed in shows and recordings alongside artists such as Zeca Pagodinho, Chico Buarque, Elza Soares, Moraes Moreira, Zé Renato, Eduardo Dussek, Arlindo Cruz, Marcos Valle, Baby do Brasil, Eliane Salek, Nei Lopes, Walter Alfaiate, Nelson Sargento, Wilson das Neves, Carlos Malta e Pife Muderno, Tim Rescalla, Mulheres de Hollanda, Edu Krieger, Marcelo Caldi, Nicolas Krassik, Maogani, Adair Cardoso, and Arthur Danni, among others.
Fabiano has also worked extensively in theater. He was the Musical Director of “De Getúlio à Getúlio – A História de um Mito”, directed by Sérgio Brito; and the arranger of “Ai, Ai, Brasil!”, also directed by Sérgio Brito. He has performed as a musician in various shows, such as: “Auto da Compadecida” (Antonio Abujamra), “Obrigado, Cartola!” (Vicente Maiolino and Roberto Gnattali), “Soppa de Letras” (Naum Alves de Souza, Pedro Paulo Rangel, and Roberto Gnattali), “Opereta Carioca” (Soraya Ravenle and Gustavo Gasparani), “Oui, Oui… A França É Aqui” (João Fonseca and Gustavo Gasparani), “É Com Esse Que Eu Vou” (Charles Möeller and Cláudio Botelho), “Num Céu de Diamantes” (Charles Möeller and Cláudio Botelho), and “Nada Será Como Antes” (Charles Möeller and Cláudio Botelho), among others.
Fabiano created the project Oficina Roda de Samba, where he developed his own course method of teaching the percussion style that is characteristic of group samba performances. His course, now six years old, is currently still being offered at the Escola Carioca de Percussão e Bateria Maracatu Brasil, directed by Guto Goffi (Barão Vermelho).