Antonia Medeiros is an actress and singer. She holds a bachelor degree in Singing by the the University of Rio de Janeiro. In the musical theater field, Antonia participated in several productions, such as: "Otelo na Mangueira - A Scenic Exercise" directed by Gustavo Gasparini, "They Do not Wear Black Tie" directed by Julio Ângelo, "Natasha, Pierre & Lira dos 20 anos ", directed by Menelick de Carvalho and “O Anti-Musical ", directed by Tauã Delmiro, among others. Antonia received an award from Musical Rio for her performance in "Natasha, Pierre & Lira dos 20 anos ". In 2018, she acted in the spectacle "Beatles In a Sky of Diamonds", by Charles Möeller and Cláudio Botelho, as a special guest. In the opera, Antonia participated in the productions of "As Bodas de Figaro", with the CIA Nuovo opera and "The Secret Matrimony" at University of Rio de Janeiro. She is a member of the vocal groups Ordinarius and Consonants and works as a professional singer at the Cesgranrio Scenic Choir, where she performed the concert "Indigenous Roots" in 2018.